Hi there! Nice to meet you! I’m Ana, I’m Portuguese and I’ve moved to London in April this year. It has been quite an adventure so far! You may be thinking haven’t you heard about Brexit? Yeah yeah I did but until it actually becomes effective who knows what may happen!

And where did this idea come from? So, that’s a good one, actually this is not the first time I’ve moved to live abroad, apart from my home country I have also lived in the US and in Spain. Those two experiences were totally different and each of them have opened my mind to different realities and made me realize how small our own reality really is. I can tell you more about it in a different post, let’s leave it for another cup of tea shall we?

So here I am living in the UK, something I really didn’t expect to happen again, I had already stated many times before that I would never live abroad again, but guess what? Never say never!

This time my motivation came from my frustration with the work opportunities and labour culture we have in Portugal. We work many extra hours, always being paid exactly the same, which is not much, and end up not have good progression opportunities. If we plan to move to another job it is quite hard and in the end you’ll quickly feel the same way you felt on the previous company making you question what am I doing with my life?

Without much left at the end of the month there weren’t many chances to explore and live new experiences and to actually live while we are young.

So after many conversations with my boyfriend about these matters we have decided to start exploring our possibilities of living abroad. That was our intention although everything happened much faster than we could even dream, before we noticed I was already here with 2 bid heavy bags landing at Heathrow airport. Since when I first sent my CV, through a recruitment agency, to the time I arrived in London it has only been 2 months! The market here is crazy!! Everything moves so fast it’s hard to keep up!

After a month of my arrival my boyfriend moved as well and after a month of his arrival he got a job earning almost the double he earned back in Portugal! After only 5 months he has already been promoted! Now you believe me when I say it’s hard to keep up right?

So in this blog I’ll try to register my ups and downs, discoveries and frustrations and share them with you, how does that sound? Let me know if you are curious about anything and I’ll try to cover it here as well.
Thanks for reading this, hope you enjoy it!

move abroad, london, travel, portuguese, portugal, uk, united kingdom, CV, work abroad, experience
London Eye – 26.05.2018

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