Christmas time!

I have always loved Christmas time, the lights on the streets make everything look cosy and friendly even though sometimes those get too crowded to appreciate it properly. I tend to avoid places where you can barely move so the typical shopping areas haven’t been my first choice and I have ended up making most of my Christmas shopping online! I may say that at least 90% of the gifts were bought online and so far those didn’t disappoint and saved me from drowning on endless shops’ visits losing my mind on cues. So getting that part solved all I had to do was enjoy this magic season!

It is my first Christmas in London and so far I am loving it! There are so many Christmas markets and activities that it is hard to get bored.

I have been to Winter Wonderland and I felt like a child! It takes us to a different world, I got totally lost on such a huge display of attractions mixed with all kinds of Christmas treats that it feels unreal!

I have also visited some local Christmas markets in Greenwich and Southbank and all of them have their special character and enchantment, I totally recommend it!

Even though it is feeling great to spend this time in London I have to confess I can’t wait for Saturday when I’ll be flying to Portugal to spend Christmas with my family.

Christmas, London, Winter Wonderland, Greenwich Market, Southbank, online shopping
Winter Wonderland – 09.12.2018


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