New Year’s resolutions…

Two weeks have gone since we have welcomed this new year and I have been reflecting on my goals for the next 350 days.

I am currently unemployed since I resigned in December from a job that was no longer making me feel any joy or professional accomplishment and so far I am still happy with my decision even though I am quite bored of being at home looking for my next role. I am determined to seek a position that makes me wake up lightly in the morning and feel useful and progressing during my work day. I am still not a 100% sure of which role is the most appropriate but I am very certain of what I can no longer stand. So my first goal for 2019 is definitely to redirect my career and point it in a new fulfilling direction.

After that I have already very clear which will be my second goal: look for a cheaper apartment with a separate bedroom. Currently I am living with my boyfriend in a studio and even though it feels cosy and we get along very well most of the time, it would be a great bless to get a separate bedroom where we could get an extra space for some alone time once in a while. When we rented this apartment we were in such a rush due to my job start date that we couldn’t search for a long time neither negotiate very much, so now we feel we are paying quite too much for what we are getting. We would like to take our time during the next months until our contract renewal date is at the door and find a place that really fills our lifestyle needs, fingers crossed!

Finally the third goal is to travel and explore as much as we can! We have already planned some escape weekends out of the country but there is much more we would like to do and visit, so if everything goes well this could be a great year for travelling!

I think this is the perfect summary of what I am expecting from you 2019, please don’t let me down! šŸ˜Š

By the way wish you all a great new year! Take the most out of it! šŸ˜‰

2019, new year resolutions, goals, life goals, travel, moving, work, job search, career change, professional accomplishment
Greenwich Park – 13.01.2019

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