Let it snow!

Last night I’ve witnessed my first London snow! It was nice to watch but a bit disappointing since despite the freeze outside the snow melted the minute it touched the ground… so no white roads or roofs. 😞 Fingers crossed next time it will be different!

I have to confess I have been quite lucky for being at home these days, I am not a Winter person! I was born in August on the pick of Summer and I find it hard to cope with cloudy days, specially if it is as cold as it has been on the past few days.

For me a perfect day has a sparkling sun and no clouds, only a bright blue sky! And if it is winter sometimes it feels even better, since perfect sunny days are so rare in London, so nothing better to break the depressing winter mood than walking around enjoying a nice warm sunny light straight on your face.

Another thing that has been improving my mood is the fact that the days are starting to get longer, it was so depressing to face a complete darkness before it was even 4 p.m.! So more time to enjoy natural light and all the great outdoors London has to offer.

I still have a lot to explore in London and perhaps I should be taking this chance to do it more often, but even though I am not working right now, finding a job is definitely a full time job and it can get exhausting. Yesterday was one of those days when I reached the evening feeling like doing nothing, with my brain melting and begging for mercy! Et voilà! I’ve peeked at the window and the snow was falling! I felt like it was Christmas again and found myself jumping of happiness! I had already seen snow but it was only once, quite a long time ago, so it felt heavenly. 😊 What a great treat to end the day don’t you think?

snow, winter, london, mood, freezing
London – 22.01.2019

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