Groceries day…

As you may have noticed on my Christmas post, I am not a fan of walking around in shops trying to find my way to what I need, having to almost every time ask for some shopping assistant help, aligning on endless cues and ending the day with a back pain. So, I have totally converted to online shopping! What I said about my Christmas shopping is even stronger on my daily shopping needs. I buy around 95% of everything online!

Today it was grocery shopping day and as I have been doing for the past 3 years, I ordered online. It is comfortable and I avoid the time consuming process of going to the store, selecting my groceries, putting them on the trolley, emptying the trolley to pay, putting everything in shopping bags, making my way home, emptying the bags and getting everything in place. I have easily spent 2 hours in this process every time, what a waste! Instead I just seat on my couch, open the store app on my phone, check my favourites list to make the whole process faster by easily identifying my most frequently bought products, add what I need to the shopping cart, book a delivery slot and that’s it, after less than 10 minutes I have finished my grocery shopping and I can save the rest of the time to do whatever I want. On the scheduled delivery date I just have to wait during a 2 hours window period at home and put everything in place once the driver finishes the delivery. In case the delivery suffers any delay you can contact the customer service and request a voucher to compensate you for that, which is usually between £10-£15 depending on the delay.

Ok, now it is the time for you to say… “Oh, but I like to see the groceries and choose them myself.” Right! You may enjoy it and I have to admit that sometimes I’ve got a bit disappointed because my favourite product has been replaced due to stock unavailability, although you can return the replacements to the driver and get a full refund or, in case your item is damaged, and even if you only noticed after the driver went away, you can use a lovely feature called “request a refund” and you’ll get your money back in a couple of days. And that’s it, no more time wasted going to the grocery shop and no more back pain due to carrying all those heavy bags. 

Stop making excuses and give it a try, give yourself a break and enjoy every hour making what you love the most!

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Groceries – 24.01.2019

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