From trial to membership…

You already know I am big fan of online shopping and since I have moved to London it became even more evident…

Once I’ve started noticing there were some things missing at home, which I needed to buy but didn’t want to carry all the way from the store and bring home, I have decided to activate a 30 days trial on Amazon Prime. And why did I do that? Well, I was already familiar with Amazon services but I had never given it a full shot… after checking the main features on the website I had to test and see if I would really get free deliveries independently of the product amount, if I would receive my items on the next day, how would the returns work and in case I never got the item how would it be solved? These were my main concerns even though Amazon Prime provides many other cool services such as unlimited streaming of movies, series and songs.

I have been a Prime member for at least 5 months now and I couldn’t be happier. The products have always arrived on time, or earlier than initially scheduled, and only once I had an issue with a delivery which was going to be provided through Royal Mail and has never arrived, although I made a super quick call to Amazon customer support line and within minutes after explaining the situation they’ve issued a total refund without questioning anything, that was top level client service and has totally won my trust. After that I’ve already had to return a couple of items, which ended up not being exactly what I was looking for, and the process was also very simple, once you request the return, a label is issued and you just have to stick it on the box and go to the selected post office or partner store to deliver it. After a couple of days you’ll receive your full refund. Awesome right?

If you aren’t still 100% convinced I totally recommend you to use the Amazon Prime trial month. You’ll get free deliveries at no extra cost and I promise your shopping routines will never be the same again!

Here are some of the items I have already bought to give you an idea of the range of stuff you can buy directly from your sofa!


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