No pain, no gain!

During my childhood I have experienced major weight oscillations and it was very hard to maintain a healthy and stable lifestyle. Temptations are more than a lot and the strength to keep focused doesn’t always win the battle.

Living abroad is also a different challenge on this matter. It is much harder to keep loyal to your diet and workout routines once your focus is in adjusting to the new environment and finding your way to fit in somehow around complete strangers. I have to admit I have totally failed on my first experiences abroad taking me into a shameful weight record. Although this time I am committed and knowing better I am doubling the efforts to keep a balanced diet and workout frequently. I still haven’t managed to keep my original weight although it is under control and my motivation to workout hasn’t faded which is a total win!

You may be asking what changed my mindset this time… so, it didn’t really change because I have moved abroad again, it started to change about 5 years ago when I started building new healthy habits and embracing them as it became evident that it made me feel happier and more confident about myself. Nowadays if I spend more than 2 days without working out I start feeling anxious and the only thing that brings me back peace is to do a great workout and get that unique accomplishment feeling in the end.

In London we really don’t have any excuses to don’t exercise, there are so many gym membership’s options, which fit every pocket, and even if you are not willing to spend that money you can simply ride a bike to get to work every day or take a run on your closest park and shake the stress out of your system.

I have chosen PureGym because I feel more comfortable working out indoors and it’s membership is really flexible and cheap. It is open 24/7, has a great schedule for group classes and has a very useful app to book them in advance. The gym area is also very nice and varied in workout machines and weights. Also I can manage my membership online, without having to talk to anyone, and with a simple click I can change my home gym, upgrade my membership or even cancel it which really pleases me. No justifications and no hurt feelings!

Working out regularly is really helpful for me, specially since I come from a country where every social event involves a meal, which isn’t always the healthier choice… so keeping things balanced has totally been the key for me, if I eat out one day I try to workout and have a good healthy meal at home on the next day.

What about you? Share your experience with me on the comments below, I would love to hear from you! ☺️

PureGym Greenwich
PureGym Greenwich – 06.02.2019

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