Weekend getaway :)

Moving to London brought many travel possibilities at much cheaper prices so as first weekend escape we decided to visit Cork in Ireland! I know it isn’t the most obvious choice, but it was the best option for our wallet and also it offered us many green landscapes which is what we appreciate the most. We were also needing a break from the big city and a breathe of pure air so it was a great choice.

Lightly packed we took our low cost flight and in less than 2 hours flight we landed in Cork. We took a morning flight so we landing early with a full day to start exploring the city. So we left our bags on the apartment we have rented on Airbnb and took our first walk through the Fitzgerald Park and its surroundings. It was a great start, the park is very beautiful and standing right next to the river makes it shine even more.

Cork is a quite picturesque city, perfect for a calm weekend escape since there isn’t much to explore. A couple of days is enough to go through the main touristic attractions and you’ll still have enough time to relax and enjoy a nice Irish craft beer! 🍻 We even had time for a board games night! There is a great cafe called Tabletop with many board games, cosy snacks and tasty craft beers, perfect to rest our legs and have some fun!

We were very curious about the English Market, since Cork is mostly known by its amazing food, and it really is amazing. From the freshness of the seafood to the variety of grocery goods, you can easily get lost! On the market’s first floor you can try many of the most typical dishes while you observe from the balcony the vibrant market stands. We have tried a delicious fish pie, which has totally overcome my expectations, and a very traditional Irish stew which I have actually found quite flavourless. Overall it really is a must do in Cork!

We weren’t particularly lucky with the weather, since it has rained a lot, so we haven’t explored any neighbour towns or the Blarney Castle, which I really wanted to visit for all its surroundings and beautiful gardens although under rainy weather we wouldn’t be able to fully enjoy it so we left it for another opportunity.

In the end we left Cork feeling rested and missing home where, despite the fame, we still haven’t experienced such heavy rain as we have in Ireland! 🙏



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